Having worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years, teaching group exercise and personal training, I decided to expand and compliment the services I could offer to my class participants and PT clients. Teaching over 20+ classes a week was taking its toll and I wanted something that would enhance the services I currently offered, that would be less stress on my body.

I researched online and discovered that a Level 5 Sports & Remedial massage qualification would give me the best education in this field and the knowledge to be able to advise & treat clients with confidence.

I initially spoke with Susan Findlay at NLSSM and explained to her I had taken a sports massage course back in 1997 but had not been able to complete it, so I wanted to start over with a course level that would offer me the best education and practical experience. Susan advised me to attend the Introductory Weekend to re-acquaint myself with the basics and to decide from there if I wanted to book onto the Level 5 course. I attended the weekend course and booked onto the next available one.

The variety of different course days and venues fitted in with my hectic work schedule.

I was concerned about going back to education after so many years away and with a full time job / long working hours but the course content is delivered at a perfect pace, (for all levels of experience, either from having knowledge of basic anatomy & physiology via another field of work, or as a total beginner), to allow it to be absorbed and for students not to feel overwhelmed with too much, too soon.

The variety of tutors with their knowledge and experience within the field was a bonus too, each giving you a different perspective of working in sports & remedial massage at events, private practice, sports teams, specialist populations etc. giving you an insight as to how you could apply your qualification.

The tutors are knowledgeable, friendly and approachable and definitely offer reassurance in those times when you doubt yourself or your answers.

There is a good balance of "hands on" practical and theory work and I noticed the difference in my knowledge and experience improve with each lesson attended. Although the assessment papers are challenging, I thoroughly enjoyed the research, looking deeper and thinking "outside of the box" for the case studies and questions presented.

The way I communicated to participants in my classes and as a PT changed too, I was able to explain movement better, how and where they should feel the movement / exercise and what it should feel like. I could explain to them in a clearer way, how to position and align themselves and I noticed any compensation patterns they might engage.

Once people realised, with my new found knowledge and experience, I knew what I was talking about, they responded better to the coaching and instructions I was giving and seek advice about any niggles, pain or restrictions that they incur from active daily life, gym training and untreated existing injuries that might flare up again.

Since having done the course I feel I have the relevant knowledge and experience to deliver the correct advice and information to them. This then presents the opportunity for me to offer my services and encourage them to maintain their bodies, to think of it like a regular service or MOT for their body.

Since passing my NLSSM BTEC Level 5 exams, I started treating clients privately as soon as I could, both at my home and as a mobile therapist. I have recently been approached by Nuffield Health & Fitness in Fulham, to offer a Sunday Sports Massage Clinic and am looking forward to what the future brings.

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