Date: 18th December 2018
Price: £180.00 (incl.VAT)
Location: North London

When is stretching most effective? What is our role as soft tissue therapists? What stretches & rehabilitative exercises can we give to get the best results?

These are some of the questions that will be addressed within this dynamic one day workshop.



This workshop will enable students to:

  • Understand the limiting constituent factors of joint ROM.
  • Understand the mechanisms of soft tissue dysfunction as relevant to ROM.
  • Understand the physiological effects and proposed benefits of flexibility training/treatment intervention.
  • Introduce the various methodologies/techniques used and available to the therapist for facilitation of ROM.
  • Understand the limiting constituent factors of joint ROM.
  • Understand the mechanisms of soft tissue dysfunction as relevant to ROM.
  • Understand and identify correct procedure and rationale.
  • Be able to treat using flexibility techniques specific to physiological requirements.
  • Understand and identify limitations to ROM using Joint Assessment Techniques.
  • Follow through a visual assessment to testing and choose appropriate techniques.
  • Teach a basic stretch to another person.
  • Understand the differences between corrective exercise, functional training and stretching.



  • Those who wish to excel as a soft tissue therapist 
  • Anyone who has a background in manual health care
  • Soft tissue therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Sports massage therapists and sports therapists



  • Comprehensive notes
  • Certificate of attendance upon completion (electronic)
  • Tea/Coffee during break (at some venues)
  • Option to receive monthly CPD newsletter
  • Ongoing NLSSM support
  • A high ratio of teachers to students



This course is taught by either Chris Newton or Paula Edwards. For further information about each of these teachers, please visit our team page

Chris Newton like many sports massage practitioners, began life in the world of sport. From age 11 he played national standard squash, taking him all over the country, which continued for many years. But like many before him, the decision not to turn professional came down to his mounting list of injures. Just NMT his right adductor magnus and watch him jump off the couch for proof of this!

These days Chris runs a successful clinic in Sussex offering an holistic approach to injury prevention, combining Sports Remedial Massage, Corrective Exercise and Healthy Lifestyle Coaching. If you call and get his answer phone he'll most probably be several thousand feet above the ground flying his paraglider, kayaking a river or climbing on the wall he made in his spare bedroom. Alas, not much squash these days though.

Paula Edwards moved from a career in Beauty Therapy and Aromatherapy when she qualified in 1997 as a Sport & Remedial Massage Therapist she immediately starting her own mobile practice. She is also the senior sports massage therapist in a multi-disciplinary physiotherapy clinic in North London. Her clients include everyone from the weekend gardener to the competitive tri-athlete and marathon runners. She has a keen interest in postural rehabilitation and the link to hypermobility syndrome. Paula has continued to develop her interest in massage by recently qualifying in Traditional Thai Yoga Massage. When she is not either teaching or on a course, she likes to spend her weekends gardening and travelling.



Join us on our Postural Assessment workshop as well as the Biomechanics and Biotensegrity these will advance your assessment and rehabilitation skills as a soft tissue therapist to provide a more effective holistic rehabilitation program.


Date Location Time
18th December 2018 North London, The Annexe
10:00 - 17:00 
20th January 2019 Central London, University of Westminster 10:00 - 17:00
30th June 2019 North London, The Annexe
09:00 - 16:00
6th July 2019 Manchester, MIHP 
10:00 - 17:00
3rd August 2019 Central London, University of Westminster 
09:00 - 16:00
15th December 2019 Manchester, MIHP 10:00 - 17:00

For details of our North London, Central London and Manchester locations, please check our Contact Us page for further information.

Please note that you will be joining an existing diploma course for this workshop.