Like most of the people I teach, I came to sports & remedial massage by way of a journey.

Mine began with classical dance and gymnastics back in my home country, Canada. When your body is the tool that you work with, you learn to take notice of it and it was this interest in the human body that led me to retrain as a nurse.

Fast-forward to 1992 and I stepped off the plane onto English soil and my future life. After briefly working for the NHS, I made the choice to be my own boss. Still in the health and fitness field, I worked with GPs and health centres, setting up different schemes for a range of clientele. Holding 20+ classes a week and running multiple health programmes, I discovered a love of teaching and enjoyed the rewards of helping clients to reach a goal.

Sports and remedial massage helps to bring all my skills together. I gained my certification in 1996 and began teaching in colleges and lecturing across the UK two years later. Although I am the director (and senior lecturer) of NLSSM, I have never given up the practical side of the profession and I still run my own clinic in North London. Keeping up with the real world helps to keep me inspired and that helps to make me a better teacher.


I'm passionate about providing the very best quality of training – and that goes beyond NLSSM

I sit on the board of the General Council for Massage Therapies as well as being a Profession Specific Board member on the CNHC.

Being involved with the Olympics was a great honour.

The London 2012 organisers invited me to join the selection committee helping to put together a huge team of sports massage therapists to be on hand throughout the games. I also volunteered for both the Olympics and Paralympics which to this day brings a smile to my face remembering all those amazing memories. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I know that the experience will continue to feed back into my teaching.

I'm not a natural born writer. My position as a teacher and lecturer have given me opportunities to share my knowledge with a wider audience through writing. I admire those who are at ease with this skill, I find it a challenge but over the years and with much support and encouragement from my editor (my husband) I regularly write for a number of periodicals. I am the feature writer for Massage World on the subject of Sports Massage and have been since 2006. I have also written for The Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, Embody, and Today's Therapist over the years.

My book, 'Sports Massage: An Illustrated guide of 39 techniques (Hands on Guides for Therapists)' is the result of years of experience as a teacher and clinical work as a sport & remedial massage therapist.

This book is based on the belief that with the correct approach all therapists can work with ease yet have strength and sensitivity within the same touch. It allows the hands to see more than the eyes thus accessing more information about the state of health within the tissue. The body centred approach will allow for both deep and energetic work while the therapist maintains an injury free career.

It can be ordered from either www.humankinetics.com or Amazon 



Please feel free to go to www.susanfindlay.co.uk for advice, workshops, blog, articles, videos and inspiration!

Light reading...

Sports Massage gives thorough instructions with over 130 full color photos that demonstrate the correct application of each massage stroke. Sports Massage is a practical guide that covers assessment and consultation processes, it has a quick reference quide that gives helpful suggestions on how to modify your treatments on some of the more common conditions a Sports Massage Therapist will come across. It has a dedicated section on special populations as well as event work.

It can be ordered from either www.humankinetics.com or Amazon or through the NLSSM shop



Read the Sportex Review by Tricia Haywood:

"An engaging guide, reference book and learning tool to enhance knowledge and understanding...this book offers invaluable advice for the durability and success of the practitioner at any level of expertise... is real value for money. Informative, practical, intelligent and uncomplicated, it is a fundamental resource to facilitate a learning programme and career in sports massage."