Due to the current situation with Covid 19

all clinics are cancelled until further notice.

Our Sports and Remedial Massage graduates, as well as our senior tutors offer sport and remedial massage therapies from the treatment rooms at our North London location. If you have a more complex condition it is advisable to book with a senior therapist first, they can do the initial assessment and treatment and advise you about subsequent sessions with a newer graduate. To make a booking or for any further information, please contact us on 020 8885 6062.

Costs range from £45 to £80 per session.

Cancellation Policy:

Please be aware that appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, or are not attended, will be charged at the full rate.


When asked to write this book I was faced with the difficult situation of determining what the definition of Sports Massage was within the industry. How is it different from other forms of massage? Is it the techniques we use, the manner in which we use them, or is it simply dependent on the clientele we work with? The answer is not clear cut as it not only varies from country to country but person to person.

The origins of Sports Massage comes from ancient civilisations. In its simplest form people would instinctively rub or hold an injured area in order to relieve pain. Massage has developed into many forms, but the basic elements are still evident throughout all massage. Today there is a common definition that has emerged from the name itself, "sports massage", which is the application of a variety of soft tissue techniques to maximize performance of an athlete. This is partially true, but the manner in which we get our results will often include remedial techniques such as soft tissue release or muscle energy techniques. Furthermore it can also be argued that the same techniques and approaches we use in sports massage are not exclusive but can be applied to those who do not do any sport or just have a passing interest in activity and/or movement. Hence, this is why there is such a wide variation in the definition of sports massage from one person to another.

Excerpt from Susan Findlays' book Sports Massage

Sports Massage is not exclusive to the athlete, the same soft tissue injuries are a part of life and affect everyone, whether the soft tissue condition is due to overuse, abuse or disuse, sports massage therapists at NLSSM are equipped to address the rehabilitation process using a variety of massage techniques. This form of massage has a "holistic" approach, it will take into consideration your lifestyle as well as your goals. If and when necessary we will recommend other modalities to help support your goals. Sports massage is for anyone wishing to improve the health of their soft tissue.