Our Covid-19 Policy

We have carried out a full risk assessment to ensure that the highest standards of safety are in place for everyone coming in to the school, the decisions were based on the location, the layout and how we could modify the interior set up so that it meets the new health and safety requirements.



Tuesday 15th December 2020
Price: £180.00 (incl.VAT)
Location: North London

Increase your effectiveness as a massage therapist, improve your soft tissue skills with this 1/2 day practical workshop. Included in this course is a 90 minute online lecture that will lay the foundation of your understanding.  

Neuromuscular and Trigger Point techniques are an excellent way to release hypersensitive tissue easily. You will cover a variety of positions and methods of application. Guidance is given for each area of the body to make appropriate treatment choices and methods. 

In preparation of your class there is a video lecture in preparation of the practical portion, it delivers the understanding of the NMT and TP approach, this  video lecture can be viewed many times before and after the course.  

Take away solutions that can be immediately used in your next treatment! Be prepared to make room in your tool kit!

Please note that you will be joining an existing diploma course for this workshop.



  • Comprehensive notes
  • Certificate of attendance upon completion (electronic)
  • Tea/Coffee during break (at some venues)
  • Option to receive monthly CPD newsletter
  • Ongoing NLSSM support
  • A high ratio of teachers to students



  • Those who wish to excel as a soft tissue therapist 
  • Anyone who has a background in manual health care
  • Soft tissue therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Sports massage therapists and sports therapists



This course is taught by a passionate team of NLSSM teachers who are highly qualified in their fields of expertise and have successful careers in sport and remedial massage.

We are trained in the art of teaching and bring to the class our different experiences from a variety of supporting skills. The delivery of the course within the diploma course setting is further enhanced by the application of accelerated learning techniques in order to assist students in absorbing more.

Your course will be lead by one of our senior tutors Chris Newton, Esther Tang, Stepahnie De'Ath or Cassandra Gramozi. For further information about each of these teachers, please visit our team page

Date Location Time
15th December 2020 - Tues North London 14:00 - 17:00
31st January 2021 - Sun North London 14:00 - 17:00
6th February 2021 - Sat North London 13:00 - 16:00
2nd May 2021 - Sun North London 13:00 - 16:00
18th May 2021 - Tues North London 14:00 - 17:00

For details of our North London and Central London locations, please see our Contact Us page for further information.

1. Application and Payment

(i) All bookings must be submitted on an official Enrolment/Booking Application Form.

(ii) The deposit of £60 non-refundable and non-transferable.

(iii) Discounts are only valid in accordance with instructions in the prospectus or specific campaigns.

(iv) If an organisation is willing to pay a student’s fees it must be made in full and accompanied by the application form at least two weeks prior to the commencement of the course. Bookings cannot be guaranteed until payment has been received from the organization.

(v) Please note we do not make provisional bookings. In order to secure your booking, payment must be received by the office before your application will be processed. Bookings are processed on a first come first serve basis.

2. Personal Health

(i) At the time of enrolment, to your knowledge, you should have no health condition that could be affected or worsened by the requirements of the course for which you are applying, nor should you be awaiting hospital admission or taking medication that could be contraindicated. If in doubt in any aspect please check with your GP. The School cannot refund fees should you have to terminate the course due to a known health condition becoming worse or a hospital place becoming available.

(ii) For all COVID 19 related circumstances please refer to our COVID Policy

3. Cancellation

(i) If you have to cancel or terminate due to bereavement of a close family member, or serious ill-health (unknown at the commencement of the course), a doctor's certificate of inability to continue will be required. Sometimes, under exceptional circumstances it is possible to transfer to the next course subject to an additional administration cost of £25 and terms of agreement & conditions.

(ii) Full payment must be made if cancellation is made within two weeks of the commencement date. If a cancellation is made two weeks prior to the course commencement date all monies will be refunded minus the deposit. All CPD courses carry a £60.00 deposit fee.

(iii) In the event of the School cancelling a course, all monies paid (including the deposit) will be repaid in full.