I have been in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years, and in 2007 I decided to enroll on The NLSSM course. I figured that personal training and sports massage would go hand in hand, and add another income stream for me. However, what I didn't expect was just how much I would learn, not just about other people's bodies but my own body. Also, because of the nature of the course content, my knowledge of anatomy and physiology, origins and insertions and biomechanics increased exponentially.

Learning about postural assessments and other assessment tools such as The Thomas Test also gave me a new direction when working with my personal training clients. I realised that my clients were individuals and as such I should be training them in this way.

My career took a new avenue and in 2012 I helped set up a new business called Fit6. Understanding that every individual has their own postural imbalances and weaknesses, I very much focus on a foundation of mobility, stability and flexibility in order for my clients to achieve their goals. The idea of Fit6 is centered around the 6 primal movement patterns: squat, hinge, push, pull, lunge/gait, and rotation. I now make sure all my clients are proficient in these movement patterns before adding load, (sometimes you have to regress to progress). Most of the time clients have restrictions in these movement patterns, because of imbalances/tightness/weakness etc, and because of my expertise in soft tissue manipulation, I am then able to help break down these barriers in order to allow them to achieve a new range of motion. This is what makes Fit6 stand out from other businesses in the area.

Since I graduated in 2007 I have set up my own business, opened two clinics in High Wycombe, had a brief stint working at West Ham United Football Club with the physio team and helped train Ross Kemp for his return to EastEnders. Business is booming, I am working minimum 65hr, 6 day weeks, (much to the annoyance of my wife), however I wouldn't change it for the world, I love what I do, and I can't recommend The NLSSM enough.

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