BEN RANDALL / BSc (Hons) Dip

Undertaking a postgraduate course with NLSSM was both inspiring and hugely informative. I am a qualified physiotherapist and my reason to take this course was to improve my scope of practice concerned with 'hands on' therapy.

The course proved to supply a deep knowledge way beyond the level I had expected. My sensitivity to treat and assess through palpation and manual technique grew significantly. My theoretical knowledge also improved. Not only did it re-fresh the knowledge I already had it also helped me to research areas of soft tissue treatments at a much deeper level.

The tutors also invigorated my motivation for therapeutic work. They gave me the passion and confidence to set up my own therapy business. NLSSM was there to help long after the course had ended and partly through their advice, I was able to open doors to a myriad of clientele. I now regularly treat high-level performers and elite sports people as well as people that wish for a relaxing holistic massage.

NLSSM enables you to treat a wide group of clients, giving you a strong position in the sports massage market. Not only this, but thanks to NLSSM, possibilities for me to teach soft tissue work has also become a new and unexpected opportunity.

The course NLSSM delivers is comprehensive, dynamic and exciting, and as a physiotherapist, I am thankful to Susan Findlay and her tutors in teaching me to become a sports and remedial massage therapist.

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