During my time at NLSSM, I volunteered to join the teams massaging at events such as London Marathon and Ride London in order to build my log hours for the course. I also offered my services locally within my area at running events and became a regular offering post-event massage for a local clinic. This was a great opportunity to network, ask advice and practice, practice, practice!

After graduating from NLSSM, a position became available for a Sports Massage Therapist within this Osteopath Clinic, which was the perfect start in order to build my client base and be surrounded by a group of practitioners. The transition from working a full-time 'normal' office job to becoming a Massage Therapist, for me, was a slow process. To begin with I started working evenings after work and weekends, after months of doing this, I realized that something had to give. I made the decision to reduce my hours at my office job to 2 days a week and dedicate the rest of my time to massage.

Looking back I regret not doing this sooner, as I am so much happier, financially better off, even having more ‘me time’ which allows me to train in my own passion – cycling! When something makes you happy, it makes it easier make the decision in right direction to follow. I love event massage, the atmosphere, the excitement, the people. I also love cycling, and with cycling being such a thriving industry with many opportunities to get involved in cycling BMX, XC, Down Hill MTB, Enduro, Track, Road, Para-cycing and not forgetting commuting.

Through an advert on NLSSM website, I was luck enough to be a massage therapist at a MTB event in The French Alps, treating downhill mountain bike world champions! And I knew this was something I want to get into and my dream job is to be part of a support team for elite athletes.

I am still growing as a therapist and building CPD hours through courses with Noah Karrasch as well as bike specific courses for cycling injuries and bike fit.

My training at NLSSM was the best foundation for my career as a sports massage therapist and it didn't stop when I graduated. The NLSSM badge will open a lot of doors for you and introduce you to a lot of relevant, important people in our field. I currently mark exam papers for NLSSM and will always go back to them for advice.

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