I became interested in Soft Tissue Therapy following a book I read about 5 years ago now which led me to google course providers. NLSSM stood out for me as they had such impressive links with professional sports teams and this is an avenue that very much interested me.

From day 1 it was clear that the course would be fun and that for me was key. Clearly, this is a course that you do on top of whatever is going on in your life and an extra thing to add to the list but it very quickly became something I looked forward to at weekends. The message was clear - you get out what you put in - and you certainly weren't alone. The support offered by the tutors was exceptional and they were always willing to help you whether via e-mail or face-to-face prior to sessions or during meal times. The tutors also encouraged us to set up social media groups which allowed us not only to build camaraderie but also to produce a support network.

One of my 3 placements organised through NLSSM was with West Ham United and as a result of making myself available whenever I could and showing promise, I received a job offer following promotion to the Premier League in the 2011/12 season. Following two successful seasons with West Ham I moved to my current employers Worcester Warriors as Head Soft Tissue Therapist which I am loving.

I feel that without the training I received I would not have; a) developed the thoughtful and skilled approach to soft tissue therapy that I hope I now display or b) had the opportunities to get my 'foot in the door' at such top level sports clubs.

Having met many Soft Tissue Therapists over the last 4 or so years who trained with different massage schools it is my opinion that NLSSM stand out as being one of the leaders. I feel this is due to the attention to detail they offer with regards to the learning and development of students and also the emphasis they place on being personable and making the course content accessible and enjoyable to all.

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