I was working as a personal trainer in a local health club back in 2008 and I was finding that although I could get my clients to achieve their own personal goals, they were at times unable to train or work to full capacity due to injury.

After receiving some treatment myself in the past after a motorcycle crash, I knew how quickly it had helped me to return to my training so I was recommended to the NLSSM by a local therapist and promptly contacted Susan for more information.

I attended the Introduction Weekend to get a feel of what was on offer from the school and what would be expected of me - I had an amazing weekend.

I chose the Saturday class as it worked well for my job at the time. The course was excellent and I found my knowledge building in layers on top of my existing skills. The tutors were both attentive and impressive, offering their own insights into this fascinating world and helping us to develop our own style of treatments while improving our core skills.

The course was presented at a high level, challenging to say the least but I never felt out of my depth, there was always someone who could help.

I passed and went on to open my own business in August 2009 Equilibrium. Since opening I have continued in the spirit of the NLSSM in adding additional skills to my repertoire including Ultrasound, Acupuncture and Joint manipulation to name a few.

I was until recently contracted for 2 years by the Norfolk and Suffolk Police Occupational Health to treat officers injured on the job, I look after Beccles Youth and adult rugby teams and the local fire service also sends their employees to me. The local sports center gym allows me to work within their gym rehabilitating clients with medical conditions and specific training needs. I take referrals from a local Osteopath and also send more complex cases to him, a great symbiotic relationship has built over the years benefitting us both.

I am now in the process this year of employing 2 other therapists one recently qualified from the NLSSM to work with me to manage the workload better and expand my business. The job has offered me so many opportunities and given me the chance to improve the lives of others in so many ways.

I have to say that since opening I have never advertised anywhere ever, it has been the repeat business and recommendation of existing clients that has grown my business to where it is today.

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  • Email : dnnskindev@gmail.com
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