Back in 2009 I decided that Soft Tissue Therapy was the career for me. Living in Somerset I looked into schools and courses local to me that would give me a good qualification to pursue my dream. I then found NLSSM, their course sounded head and shoulders above others. Travelling across the country to this college was definitely the best decision!

Susan and the tutors were very welcoming and the introductory course really inspired me with the hands on lesson, this was definitely what I wanted to do and I would be taught by the best in the industry.

During the Diploma there was a vast support network within the college from tutors, resources and most importantly constant support and advice available outside of college time. As I lived so far away and had a full time job it was difficult for me to team up with other students from NLSSM for practice or go to student clinics so sometimes it was tough. However the enjoyment of what I was learning about and the enthusiasm and belief from my tutors spurred me on to succeed. There were always tutors available and willing to help me over the phone, email or through social media so I didn't feel like I was alone or missing out. Still to this day nearly 7 years on from my first lecture, that support network is still there. Good professional relationships are built whilst at NLSSM and continue throughout your career, I feel very proud to have graduated from NLSSM.

Opportunities I have had since graduating include starting my own business in Somerset which is about to expand this year, working in elite sport and at major world class sporting events. The year I graduated I had the experience of a life time providing massage at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. With my qualification I then went on to become Soft Tissue Therapist within the Football Association for Somerset Centre of Excellence and Somerset Disability Youth, Yeovil Town Ladies in the Womens Super League, Forest Green Rovers FC, and on tour to Estonia with England ECFA U19 squad. Since then I now teach Sports Massage part time alongside my clinic at my local college in Btech Sport.

Most recently I had an opportunity through NLSSM to work at the Rugby World Cup 2015 with Argentina. Here we were providing post match massage and recovery to the players. Elite and international sports teams give these opportunities specifically to NLSSM because they recognise the outstanding quality of education and training the graduates have received. Being a member of the Sports Massage Association allows you to become part of schemes such as the Road2Rio sponsorship, allowing you to work with athletes training for Rio which gives all levels of experience a chance to work with the elite.

I am extremely lucky to have this amazing job that gives so much variety. I am thankful to Susan and her tutors for giving me unrivalled training that has allowed me all these opportunities. With great teaching, high motivation and hard work you will be rewarded at North London School of Sports Massage.

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